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The Space Between


Life changing experiences are just that- they call into question all sorts of familiar ways of looking at the world and responses to how we make sense of it all. Such an experience recently coincided with an internal stirring calling for something "new". It was true for me that with change comes a revamping of old ways, as they don't seem to work anymore.

For this project I recycled drawings from the last 30 years, repurposing them to perhaps find a new way of looking at things, and thus a new way to respond to all that looking, all that seeing.

Change is a little frightening, passing from one thing to another, all that vulnerability, rising to the surface. It called to mind the tradition of wrapping the body of the dead in a shroud- for protection, for comfort and preservation as the soul passed from one life to the next, wherever, whatever that may be. 

An appropriate was it seems, to say goodbye to a certain perception- drawings wrapping other drawings, occupying space in some new way, in that space between.


This show was dedicated to John Filletti, 1931- 2015

All pieces mixed paper, cellulose paste & wire

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