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Joanne  Frances Filletti


Joanne Filletti was born in Toronto in 1963. She studied Graphic Design at George Brown College where she discovered an affinity for drawing.  Continuing her studies at the University of Guelph, drawing, sculpture and installation work became the focus of her studio practice.

While participating in community theatre 1985, she discovered an affinity for set building. In 1987 she had found work at The Canadian Opera Company and Hot Sets, a set building company. Joanne continues to work in film and television.

A passion for learning and mentoring, Joanne has pursued continuing education in the field of Teaching /Training Adults. She has developed and delivered courses in visual arts and film painting.

Joanne has lived in the Gerrard India Bazaar area for 29 years. She is the director and founding member of Gerrard Art Space, which opened in  2012.


Artist Statement

 As a visual artist my expression of choice is fundamentally figure drawing. I have been perpetually captivated by representational figure drawing as a potent vehicle to ponder what I find compelling in life- that which  confounds, horrifies and captivates me.  As I continue to discover and experience the world as creative and curious person,  previously held beliefs and perceptions are challenged.  I remain receptive and open to view things at a different angle, a different perspective and a different approach in which to present ideas and tell a story. Drawing combined with my recent attempts at  installation work allows  me to move through a process of discovery.  I find installation work demands an intuitive approach, to which I must surrender to achieve the desired effect.

With each project I  learn something new. The potential to reveal something once hidden or unclear in my own character and how that informs how I perceive my surroundings is a powerful incentive. Such insight allows room for more questions and so I remain curious.


Upon request.

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