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Exhibition CV



2021 You, Of My Heart, drawing sculpture installation, Gerrard Art Space


2019 I Was Here, drawing installation, Gerrard Art Space, Toronto


2018 Gridlines, drawing installation, Gerrard Art Space, Toronto


2015 The Space Between, drawing installation, Gerrard Art Space,Toronto


2012  Glorious Forms – new drawings & paintings, Gerrard Art Space, Toronto


2011 The Pin Ups – drawing installation, Cobalt Gallery Toronto


2006 Death Row Drawings- drawing installation, Cobalt Gallery, Toronto


1994 It’s All In My Head- ink on paper, Guelph Exchange Gallery, Guelph Ontario  


1993 Drawing On Memory – mixed media on plywood, Bookshelf Café, Guelph




2010 Group Show –conte on paper; Burroughs Building, Gallery Moos 2,Toronto


2010 It’s the Small Things – oil and graphite on Masonite, Cobalt Gallery, Toronto


2009 Off Camera  – Self Portrait, graphite on Masonite, Fountain 253, Toronto


2009 One Foot Square Show – oil and graphite on Masonite, AWOL Gallery, Toronto                                


2008 External Elements- conte on paper, Cobalt Gallery, Toronto

         Space Between Group - oil on Masonite, Gallery 888, Toronto

         Space Between Group - mixed media on plywood, Gallery 888, Toronto 


2004 Riverdale Art Walk- mixed media on plywood, Toronto 


2003 Space Between Group- mixed media on plywood, Gallery 888, Toronto


2000 Keeping the Day Job- mixed media on plywood, the Church at Berkley, Toronto


1993 In Search of Suzanne S.- drawing installation, Zavitz Gallery, University of Guelph, Guelph Ontario


1993 A Day Without Art, Art Auction – graphite on paper, Service Hardware Gallery, Guelph Ontario


1992 Self Portraits: Four Women Artists- graphite on paper, Zavitz Gallery, U of Guelph & Guelph Museum, Guelph Ontario


1992 Of Two Minds - oil on plywood, Gallery Caroline, Guelph Ontario  


1992 Eros - graphite on paper, Locus in Quo Artists Collective, Gallery Caroline, Guelph Ontario

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